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MIND- Fengshui and the destiny of a country

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In his wonderful blog « Bagua Eyes » , Master Alan Ng , renowned Fengshui master, Geomantic astrologer,  and Yi King intuitive ( a forte many fengshui masters do not have ),  made a link between Thailand’s political unrest and some changes in the layout of the area of the famous Four Faced Buddha Shrine, the sacred landmark place located in the heart of Bangkok City.


The Erawan Shrine

I immediately remembered his remarkable fengshui analysis after hearing of the recent terrorist attack that happened just next to the shrine. 100 people were wounded and about 20 killed by a blast.


New department stores, the Sky Train, many urban changes have occured in that very central area.  But, as they say in Singapore, one should not  » play play » with the energy of the landscape …

To read more, click here.4 faced-buddha



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